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The Academy for Computer Assisted Technical Sciences, Economics, Law and Administration - AISTEDA  
Alba Iulia, Romania
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Welcome at CSCS !! E-mail

Our goal is to contribute to society by promoting individual development and a new culture of being. “Being as opposed to having”: a new culture and a new way to approach things and life, based on the individual responsiblity and evolution.

Our training programmes, as our logo below shows, aim at moving from knowledge to competencies and from competencies to a new creative dimension.

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Entrepreneurship area: Research and implementation of European projects E-mail

 CSCS was one of the first organizations in the European Union to implement the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme back in 2008/2009. We are now at the fourth cycle of the programme and our company, who participated in all EYE cycles launched by Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General, is again Leader of a consortia made out of 6 partners from Italy, Spain, Greece, Czech Republic, UK and Sweden.


The number of relationships concluded over the years between young end experienced entrepreneurs having CSCS as (leader) intermediary organization is about 125; and there are many requests from entrepreneurs who wish to participate to the programme and select CSCS as Intermediary Organization.  The reason for such a success is, on one hand, a good dissemination strategy and, on the other, the services provided to support applications of newly established or aspirant young entrepreneurs: online materials for Business Plan creation, active support in editing and evaluating the plan, information about legal aspects of business start-up and updates about funding opportunities.


Continuity in the language teaching projects care by CSCS: Pools-M and Pools-CX projects E-mail

The methodologies implemented during Pools M project - Task Based Learning (TBL), PHYsical, EMOtional and Cultural approach (PhyEmoC), Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), Simulations and eTandem - are still used not only inside CSCS, but also by our former trainees: language teachers and professors from Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio regions. In fact, we actively promote the use of the methods, as we can directly bear witness of their effectiveness: we apply the methods with students coming from abroad (for work placement reasons) and we see the great results obtained.

New activities carried on by CSCS within the Pools CX project E-mail

Click here to see the video of the online training.

For more information about the Pools CX project, visit the official project website

New material for the BUSINESS PLAN creation E-mail

Produced within the framework of the CReBUS project:

The CReBUS training materials (slides) with links and videos of the online training session, are available after registration to the moodle platform , that is quick and free!

Are you interested in starting your own business? Read more about the CReBUS project on the official project website.


ACTIVA students: a mobility success story E-mail

Within the framework of the Swedish TranS -Sam project supported by the European Commission, t he Activa Foundation from Sweden and CSCS have made possible work placements in Italy for groups of young Swedes. The Activa foundation works with the reintegration to the labour market of disadvantaged people and youngsters with special needs, and the project TranS-Sam concerns the possibility for youngsters in need of  encouragement and motivation to face the labour market, recognizing work experiences abroad as a crucial tool in this process.

Italymobility, the mobility initiative of CSCS , received a group of 20year old youngsters from Activa in the beginning of 2012 for a work placement experience.The aim of an IMY mobility experiences is to enhance the self esteem, the cultural understanding and the social competences of the students. Offering the students support and guidance when necessary, but encourage them to find their own way towards the success.

The mobility experience, for this group was tailor made for their needs and expectations, and included a close and supportive tutoring during the entire stay both in English and their mother tongue, selected work placements able to manage their initial difficulties and special needs, and workshops to interiorize their on-going experiences.

The immediate feedback from the students while in Italy was through out positive and the challenges and new situations they faced resolved and turned into constructive lessons. But the true success of this story is the long term result this mobility experience has proven to be for the students.
By now more than 3 months have passed since the Activa group left Italy, and the Activa foundation has updated us about the students current situation;

Symposium of Life Long Learning Culture and Vocational Education and Training in Instanbul E-mail

On Sunday the 17th of June,  CSCS will take part at the Symposium of Life Long Learning Culture and Vocational Education and Training at the Istanbul Congress Center. The congress about Vocational training and mobility will take into consideration the Europemobility Research project , managed by CSCS.


Rainova project meeting in Romania E-mail

On Monday the 18th of June the CSCS Director Mr. Giovanni Crisonà will participate at the Rainova Project meeting in Romania.

The main aim of the RAINOVA Project, in which CSCS is participating,  is to encourage the development of Regional Innovation  Systems for the regions represented by the project partners.  

IYDA, the new EUMN member hosted Ambassador to Egypt Pavel Kafka during a mobility fair for Arab stu E-mail


Under the slogan of the intercultural education, the Europemobility Network project, financed by the European Commission and represented by Giovanni Crisonà, has hosted Czech Ambassador to Egypt Pavel Kafka during a mobility fair involving a group of young students candidates to have a study experience in Europe.

The meeting has been held the 13th of June 2012 at the hotel Amaranta in Il Cairo during a three days visit of Mr Crisonà to 'International Youth Dialogue Association' - IYDA that has recently joined the Europemobility Network with an agreement to collaborate for mobility initiatives of Arab students coming to Europe.

The mobility fair has been organized by IYDA and directed by his Managing Director Mr Ahmed N. Hassan. IYDA promotes peace among fellow nations and enhances youth capabilities in terms of intercultural understanding, by means of youth participation and civic education and thanks to his aims "it has been considered and welcomed as a perfect partner of EUMN project", Mr Crisonà said. "Dialogue is the most important and active way to make people closer, even more so when it happens between enemies", stressed Mr. Kafka in his speech.

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Czech Ambassador to Egypt Pavel Kafka meets the students

Mobility Offer E-mail

CSCS is proud to launch a new Mobility service, aiming at assisting VET students in finding and accomplishing a successful work experience in Italy.

e-learning E-mail

Tempted to introduce into your organisation a state of the art e-learning solution while reducing operating costs?

Discover how we can work together.




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