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open day – Pistoia 29 maggio 2018 – Invito / ingresso libero

  L’evento celebra l’impegno di CSCS nella European Alliance for Apprenticeships con lo scopo di mostrare alla cittadinanza Pistoiese la presenza di oltre cento apprendisti del programma Italymobility e delle aziende cittadine che li ospitano collaborando attivamente al loro successo formativo. IMY OPEN DAY rientra fra le seguenti attività di CSCS: – consorzio che CSCS ha fondato insieme a FIAT […]

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Latest opensource technology platform for e learning management

Based on Moodle, one of the most famous and large diffused Learning Management system platform, CSCS deployed a cloud solution to manage all his e learning activities. The platform is an highly flexible virtual learning environment that offers many characteristics within many elearning standards compliance. CSCS Learning Management system is characterized by: a social constructionist […]

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Liquid democracy platform and other opensource tools

Currently CSCS is engaged to launch a new initiative among both stakeholders platforms ( to introduce liquid democracy processes. This is realized with the introduction of a liquid democracy online platform that will be launched in February 2015. This innovative approach to European networks member participation could be also an occasion for this project […]

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