Vocational Education and Training

CSCS, as a training centre accredited by the Regional Government, provides initial vocational training, continuous training for businesses, vocational guidance and orientation and apprenticeship courses.

 To date, over 10.000 individuals have been trained by CSCS staff members. CSCS main offices are in Pistoia and training programmes are provided on site and at distance.

 CSCS delivers accredited and certified training programmes to trainers, individuals, workers, trainees from vocational training system or students for formal and informal education. CSCS implements, in Italy as well as in other European countries, training programmes in many fields as also in ICT.

 As one of the main Tuscany players in the provision of apprenticeship courses, CSCS has provided vocational training programmes in over 30 business fields / profiles. More than 1000 companies have trained their employees and young apprentices with CSCS that is also one of the 20 Lead Organizations responsible for the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme and supports transnational educational exchanges among entrepreneurs.

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